2014 Restoration Robotics Inc, USA Artas Robot 9X

2014 Restoration Robotics Inc, USA Artas Robot 9X


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Robotic hair transplant system available at favorable pricing due to change of business.

Purchased in April 2015. DOM is 2014.

Has been under general maintenance by Venus Concept.

What is included: Robot, chair and remotecontroller. 

I believe monitor is included, but I am not sure 100% 

Extra kits for harvesting and extraction: 9 kits 18G2, 3 kits 18 G4, 3 kits 19 G2 and 3 kits 19 G4, plus 10 site making kits. All out of date now. But they can be used for testing or as parts for new kits.

Technical report and last service: Is available in Spanish

Has anything previously been repaired: No

Software version: 9x (Artas cart serial number was 01107, and it changed to 11107 when upgraded to 9x)

Operating manuals: Yes in PDF format

Technical report and final testing can be done at extra costs by the producer, Venus Concept.

46 surgeries performed, 121 hours of work, 104.750 shots.

The Robot is in perfect cosmetic and working condition.


ManufacturerRestoration Robotics Inc, USA
ModelArtas Robot 9X