Buying / Selling / Deinstallation / Consulting

Cervius Medical assists public and private hospitals & specialized clinics to sell and buy medical equipment and spare parts most advantageous.

The market for used medical equipment is rapidly increasing and there are good opportunities to get good prices for the used but still functional equipment.

Likewise, due to standardization and quality wise reasons some hospitals need to acquire new (used) equipment in addition to the existing equipment.

Cervius Medical offers following services:

  • Inspection and assessment of sales and prices for the used equipment
  • Offers on used or new medical equipment
  • Contracts and warranty handling
  • Advertising and supply of equipment or direct sales via own contacts
  • Negotiation and dialogue with potential buyers
  • Agreements with buyers
  • On site inspection of the equipment
  • Deinstallation and preparing and packaging of equipment
  • Handling of export documents (import and export)
  • Shipment of the equipment to the buyer (local import costs, and freight and insurance
  • Payment for equipment directly to the seller before it is picked up

Contact Cervius Medical for further information and discussions on the possibilities to get the best possible prices for the used equipment or about how new or slightly used equipment or spare parts can be purchased most advantageous.

Cervius Medical uses international marketing portals and partners for buying and selling of used medical equipment or direct contact to buyers and sellers depending on the equipment type.

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