2017 Restoration Robotics Inc, USA Artas Robot 9X

2017 Restoration Robotics Inc, USA Artas Robot 9X


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Robotic hair transplant system available at favorable pricing due to change of business.

2 harvesting kits , 1 site making kit and 3 big boxes of consumables (harvesting non steril and harvesting reusable kits + site making clinical reusable kits )

Purchased in January 2018.

Full maintenance and certification in december 2020 from venus concept spain: they changed the UPS batteries + repaired the compressor (problem of low pressure) + general maintenance.

On this occasion (dec 2020) they certified the general state of the robot ( you can see the certification attached in spanish language ) : 46 surgeries performed, 121 hours of work, 104750 shots

The Robot is in perfect cosmetic and working condition


ManufacturerRestoration Robotics Inc, USA
ModelArtas Robot 9X