For Sale MINDRAY MobiEye 700 Digital Imaging System

For Sale MINDRAY MobiEye 700 Digital Imaging System

Copenhagen, Denmark

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MobiEye 700 Mobile Radiography System MPX Detector Remarkable Self-Production M-Share Strategy for Unification MPX Mindray's self-produced MPX detector and 'Mind-Home' remarkable, breakthrough concepts are now being introduced to the public for the first time. Mindray's top-level patented technologies have been assembled in the MPX light-weighted wireless detector, providing the finest possible user experience. As high-Speed and sharing have become the most significant developing trends of networking and information for the next era, Mindray's 'M-Share' concept is proposed to bring great healthcare service innovation in line with modern needs. This remarkable application has improved upon previous limitation on speed of information exchange, and has also brought about the unification of radiology products, to provide high- efficiency workflow and low-cost upgrading solutions. 5G Wireless Detector Conjugation Innovative antenna technology for 5G Wifi connection Ultra-high speed data acquisition and transmission Unification of Radiology Family Excellent compatibility for stationary and mobile radiology device Cost-efficient solutions for DR upgrading Mindray MPX Detector CsI +TFT High DQE Wireless design


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